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Working and Breathing Better at Aquation Office Park

50 % built space, 50 % green areas: the main principle at the core of the first Green Office Park in Cambodia

by Living Cambodia Team, 11 Oct. 2021

In the few months following its opening, Aquation Office Park on Diamond Island has attracted dozens of tenants, small or medium-sized companies, artist or fitness studios, all looking for modern office spaces nestled in greenery.

On more than ten acres by the River, with with the Treellion Park, DIB Club’s large swimming pool and soccer fields on each side of the complex, the first green Office Park in Cambodia is playing the low-density, low-rise card within an always greener environment. Sambath Sok, Aquation Assistant Manager, shares with you in the video below how it contributes to reduce the climatic imbalance, and to create a better place for working and... just breathing: