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What a Difference a View Makes

Opening a screen window and patio door to the green expanses of Treellion Park, an office at Aquation Koh Pich gets greener than ever.

by Living Cambodia Team, 29 Sep. 2021

Since he moved back to Cambodia from Seoul a few months ago, photographer and business developer Yungmo, 30, has set up his art studio, Stable Studio, at Aquation Office Park. Together with coworker Yunyi, 29, they loved the green environment but sought for more: "We had the idea of widely opening the north wall to the trees and bushes of the adjacent Treellion Park," they recall, "and Aquation management was eager to help."

With the luminous and green backdrop right behind their desks, the team of two feels energized to develop their activities: baby and family photography, as well as the project of offering to the Cambodian public an inspirational and education platform modeled after the famous Ted platform. "Yunyi mastered in design, I in business, so we can combine our skills," notes Yungmo.

The office gives a sense of spaciousness, surrounded by plants and trees. Very much in the spirit of the first green office park in Cambodia, where 150 additional saplings were recently planted. And all Aquation team members give a hand to gardening and keeping the grounds pristine. To the extent that when you notice a colorful tropical bird in the alley nearby Stable Studio, you have to do a double take before realizing it's a ceramic one...

Amidst the concrete maze of heat-trapping of oppressing high-rise buildings, the green environment is not only propitious for better working (and breathing) conditions: it actually helps reducing the excessive heat and carbon footprint generated by human activity. And it naturally attracts creative energy, for instance this month:

Thorn Seyma singing "សង្ឃឹម-Hope" with the musicians from "Khmer Magic Music Bus (KMMB)", part of "CLA Family Celebration". A KlapYaHandz production, september 2021