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Arts & Culture

  • Cambodian-Canadian artist FONKi subverts visual genres in his energetic quest for a Khmer revival.

    Cambodian-Canadian artist FONKi subverts visual genres in his energetic quest for a...

  • At the Rescue of those Beautiful Buildings

    Photo-exhibition and art show for the preservation of architectural heritage in Cambodia.

  • Artisan Leather & Brass at Chinese House

    Rebranded Andkow.Co, the Japanese-Cambodian handcrafted line of leather and brass accessories selected Chinese House as setting for its new collection.

  • How do WE look?

    Photographer Sovan Philong expands his visual reflection on the way we look and are looked at. New exhibition at Batia Sarem Gallery Siem Reap.

  • The Road to Silk

    A photo exhibition in Phnom Penh about artisanal silk in Cambodia

  • Khmer New Year: Angels and Dances

    Among the many Khmer New Year celebrations, spotlight on the New Year Angel and the colorful Trot Dance

  • For the Elephants of Cambodia

    The second gala-fundraiser on behalf of Airavata Foundation reflects a long-term committment to protect the elephants of Ratanakiri and the cultural eco-system created around the gentle giants of Cambodia.

  • Royal Ballet Dancers, Flexibility and Memory

    The new exhibition by photographer Anders Jiras at Phnom Penh National Museum, a journey through recent choreographies and stragecraft innovations for a time-honored art

  • The Art of Flying Higher

    Birds, Chinese ink and a passion for teaching: Cambodian artist Chhan Dina in a new art show at Plantation Phnom Penh, with 16 of her students.

  • Moonstruck

    Meak Bochea, the Khmer festival of the full moon in the third month of the lunar calendar, is intensely celebrated around the country. Photographer La Mo captures the joy and solemnity of this important moment of the Cambodian year.