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Pet Starring at Green Resort

The rabbit family at Templation Angkor enchants guests and team members alike. There are so many green spaces in the oasis at the gates of Angkor to frolick around!

by Living Cambodia Team, 13 Apr. 2024

Strolling toward the fitness center or the library at Templation Angkor Resort, you cannot but notice enraptured guests, young or older but almost always clicking away on their phone camera, bending over the outdoor patio where they gather between forays across the vast grounds, eat (granulates and lots of carrots and carrot tops), take a nap in the grass or in their little wooden houses.

They started as one couple, Dara and Tevi, hailing from a household in Bakong village, not far from Siem Reap. Then, nature having its way, they multiplicated, and were recently joined by eight couples from Phnom Penh, in addition with 18 guinea pigs.

They now make up to a 60-strong family, every one of them cute as a button -- the Phnom Penhers needed a good scrub after the long roadtrip --, and marveled at by guests and team members. "On any break time I get, I go sit with them, under the pomelo tree, and pet them while having a game of chess with a friend", allows Somphos, Templation communication manager.