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Happy Women’s Day from Templation Team!

Since its opening in December 2015, Templation Angkor Resort empowers women within its team and through community involvement.During pandemic times, the women of Templation are making health safety rhyme with hospitality.

by Living Cambodia Team, 08 Mar. 2021

“We were one of the few high-end resorts in Siem Reap to remain open all through 2020, making sure to ensure health safety for our guests and team”, reflects Somonea Cheng, 36, Templation Angkor Resort Acting Manager.

On International Women’s Day 2021, Somonea adds: “In these challenging times, we managed to increase our women’s empowerment policy: 45 % pc of the resort workforce is now female, and women have gained the majority of leading positions as department heads, kitchen or housekeeping captains, etc…”

“Like many of my colleagues, I’m also a mother and I have noticed how the pandemic situation is impacting our kids, who keep a brave face yet are deeply aware of the global worries. As women, we are here to send a message of hope and resilience. Not only hoping for the best, but ensuring solidarity and mutual respect in these trying times.”

...and with Somonea on our March 8 photo, from left to right: