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To mark March 8th, six women from MAADS teams express their thoughts and send you their best wishes for International Women's Day.

by Living Cambodia Team, 06 Mar. 2020

A special occasion to reflect on the development of women’s rights in Cambodia, celebrate the choices women now have, illustrate the ongoing quest for gender equality, or all the above? Read on to get better acquainted with the talented women at Maads Hotels!


Chief-Accountant Assistant, TeaHouse

“To me, March 8 is a day to celebrate women's achievements, simply because an a more equal world is a better world. Happy Women’s day!”

Chanty, 26, mother of a 3-year old girl, has joined TeaHouse Asian Urban Hotel in Phnom Penh four years ago, firstly as a cashier at the hotel's Cambomania Shop for more than 2 years.


Restaurant Supervisor, Blue Lime

“Equality! It’s good for women to have special day of the year dedicated to their advancement, especially in Cambodia. It reminds us that we can be as independent as men, and go to work just like men!”

Starting with the housekeeping team at Blue Lime Citylife Hotel ten years ago, Sam Ol was transferred to the hotel's restaurant in 2017 before being promoted to her current position. At some point, she used to work two jobs, beginning her shift at Blue Lime in the afternoon. She recalls that “every time I walked into Blue Lime from my other job, it felt like being home.”


Spa Therapist, Pavilion

“March 8 is a celebration of our strength. Nowadays, women around the world nowadays are so strong -- we work, we also look after the family. I think it’s a great day to remember that.”

A masseuse at Pavilion Heritage Oasis Hotel spa for two years, Po had previously worked seven years in the same field at the neighboring Plantation urban resort and spa, where she met her husband. Together they have two young sons, whom her mother-in-law helps looking after while they are at work.


Bartender & Cashier, DIB Club

“Ten years ago, girls were rarely allowed to go out on their own, to decide to go and live in another city. When they got married, they had to obey their husbands. It’s very different now: girls can go hang out with friends, and keep working after being married. Women are more independent, and I like that a lot! I like freedom and independence.”

It's been two years that Rachana, 23, has joined Dib Club, the swimming pool and lounging area in Koh Pich (Diamond Island). Originally from Kandal Province, she moved to Phnom Penh on her own to start a new chapter of her life in the big city.

EY Sreyroth

Assistant accountant, Kabiki

"Frankly, March 8 isn't a big celebration for me. But this year, when I'm still working while being pregnant, I'm proud to be a woman...and so excited to meet my baby soon! Happy Women’s Day!”

Sreyroth, 24 and a soon-to-be mother, has joined the Kabibi Secret Gardens Hotel last year, first joining the front desk team before moving to the accounting department. Previously, she has worked at The 240 Café & Lifestyle Store while completing her studies, and she has fond memories of the experience of interacting with many different customers and shoppers.

THON Tanuth

Sales Executive and Event Coordinator, Templation

“Honestly speaking, I think everyday should be Women’s Day! However, March 8 can be the occasion to remind everyone that: 1) women and men are equal 2) we women have fought to get what we have achieved so far 3) women should have the same opportunities as men to be leaders.

”Society has changed a lot, and more women have the chance to go out and pursue their dreams. Being a woman myself, I always look up to my female manager and I believe that one day there will be more women at the table during the management meetings.”

Thanuth, 23, has joined Templation Angkor Resort team shortly after its opening three years ago. While developing her career, she keeps studying Business Administration at Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia.