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by Living Cambodia Team, 29 Apr. 2020

In a time of confinement and global air travel restrictions, wanderlust dreams are building up...We're asking travel bloggers, networkers and advisors we have worked with before what is their bucket list for the -- hopefully -- next future.

Corinne & River @northsouthtravels

Visual Storytellers around the world

"100% we will be returning! Cambodia holds a special placein our hearts as this was the first destination we headed to when we began traveling full time last year.

"We have such fond memories of our time spent exploring the country through the eyes of MAADs' and their beautiful accommodations. The people we met, the landscapes we crossed, the charm of Siem Reap and the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh will stay with us forever.

"Even though we traveled through Cambodia for an entire month we barely even touched the surface, there is so much more to explore and we will most definitely be back to capture it."

Visit Corinne and River's website here.

Davy @loveinmybelly

Food and Travel Influencer based in Los Angeles

"Cambodia is always at the top of my list. The country has so much beauty and heart. There are many different landscapes around the country to explore -- from the temples, to the mountains, and the beaches.

"Whenever I visit, I'm always reminded of all the simple things in life that I love. Cambodia is truly a magical place and a great destination to escape, relax, and rejuvenate your heart and soul."

Davy Khy's blog is here.

Laura @ablondepassport

Travel Blogger based in Bali

"I am traveling the world full time since one year and a half. I have nearly seen the whole planet, gathered so many different impressions -- from stunning nature in Iceland to beautiful hidden beaches in the Caribbean Sea or Asia --, yet...I lost my heart in Cambodia this March!

"I did not expect it to be one of the most magical places I've ever seen, with so many heartwarming and friendly local people. I also did not notice the Corona topic as much as in other countries, it was like a being inside a little bubble. Especially in my home country, Germany, there is such a negative vibe since so many weeks.

"I think Cambodia would be a good place to recharge from the last months that where mentally very stressful for everyone, bring the positive vibes back, and also get back into the happy feelings I had on my last travel."

Laura's Instagram here.(Photo: at Templation Angkor)

Chrisander Bergan

Adventure Travel Photo/Videographer, from Norway

"When I first started to search around for unique places nearby The Philippines, I came across Cambodia. After the very first Google-search, I was sold! Especially the old temples around there, I have no words for them...

The Covid-19 pandemic had just started when I did my research and planning, so everything went astray. Surely, I had heard about Cambodia before, but never really thought about it as one of my travel destinations...But now it is for sure!"

More about Chrisander's work here.

Christopher Lau @seelautravel

Travel Blogger based in Thailand

"Frankly, Cambodia wouldn't be on the top of my list currently, because I was there three times on three different occasions just last year, and there're so many other and new places I'd love to explore!

"Being right next door from me (I live in Thailand), I can still see myself going back though. I do love Cambodia's beauty, culture, and hidden gems! I found many of them in the Kampot area...And as for 'not-so-hidden gem', I keep great memories of my stay right on the River in Phnom Penh, in the floating suite at Floatation!"

Christopher's blog here.

Victoria @thewildwonders

Globetrotter based in France

"There are many things I have learned from traveling. Waking up at sunrise to appreciate the stillness of early mornings, living with a (very) limited amount of clothes and spending less time worrying about how I look, not knowing what will be going on tomorrow and learning to go with the flow. And most of all, live each moment, each glance, each smile, each encounter with such intensity... Thanks, Cambodia, for teaching me this great lesson in life!

"Covid-19 pandemic has brought turmoil to our daily lives and consumerist behaviors, yet I think it can convey the same teaching as travel does: learn how to live, to feel, to 'be' in the here and now. Refocus ourselves on the essence. Find again a sense of belonging with the earth, the sky, humans beings and trees, the whole."

Follow Victoria here. (Photo: Kampot Province)

Juldana @travelispassion

Travel Digital Networker

"I think Cambodia is definitely a beautiful idea as a post-isolement destination!

"The current pandemic has triggered a huge nostalgy for travel among everyone, and myself to begin with. Exactly one year ago these days, I was visiting Cambodia for the third time. Once again, it was a journey brimming with discoveries, adventures and explorations, including several nights on one of the precious islands in the South Sea. Pure bliss!

So yes, without any doubt in this particular period of confinement and extreme social distancing,I'm very much looking forward to going back to a country so alive with culture, history, incredible landscapes...

Juldana's IG here.


Cambodian Travel Blogger

Born and raised in Cambodia, I've never really given much thought about how amazing our little kingdom is. It's just like how everyone feels -- everything becomes mainstream when you're there all your life. But as I started to travel around in 2016, I came to realize Cambodia is quite a phenomenal and magical land when I compared it to the other places I've been to.

There's everything for everybody here. Whether you're a mountain lover, beach and island monkey, ancient temple explorer or even colonial building hunter, you've just got it all! If you're a mountain-kind of-person (like I am) and planning your visit to Cambodia after this whole pandemic's gone, I'd definitely recommend you Mondulkiri.

This one province will make you feel most connected to Mother Nature. It's almost like you have made a short trip to heaven. Mondulkiri is a very peaceful place, yet full of opportunities for travel buffs like us!

Please have a look to this article for places to visit in Mondulkiri, and this one for three most interesting things you can do. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do!

(Photo: River crossing in Mondulkiri)

Laura @getlostinparadise

"If backpacking across Southeast-Asia is on your travel bucket list, then there’s no way you can miss out exploring Cambodia.

"Well.. there are several reason why...First, it offers an incredible amount of history and culture. You will also find beautiful islands with one of the whitest sand beaches I've ever seen. The people are so warm and friendly and you can go shopping on markets with affordable prices, and delicious food.

"Make sure to visit the 'Land of Temples' and the 'Land of Smiles'."

Laura's travel blog here.