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Running around the World: Nick Butter in Siem Reap

Endurance athlete Nick Butter paid a visit to Templation during his marathon run around Angkor.

by Living Cambodia Team, 03 May. 2019

On a mission to run a marathon in every country around the world, ultra runner Nick Butter recently found himself in Cambodia for a respite at Templation resort and a run within the temples’ gates. Cambodia marked the 124th country in which he has ran a marathon, on his way to conquering all 196 nations in the world in an effort to raise funds in support of prostate cancer research.

Nick, 29, stayed in Cambodia for slightly longer than his usual trip in order to experience more of what Siem Reap has to offer for an adventure traveler.

The Brit posed with Templation staff during his stay in photos posted to Instagram in which he also praised the staff and the hotel, saying he appreciated architectural touches such as the villa’s huge outdoor-indoor bathrooms.

“The stay at Templation was one of the best in the world,” he said. “The location, the staff, and the beautiful hotel. From the food to the cleanliness of the rooms it was perfect. I’ll be staying there again for sure.”

On the second day of his stay, Nick embarked on his more than 42-kilometre run around the Angkor temple complex, which he described as a moving experience.

"Bright oranges, tree greens, and deep dark browns were the colour palette for this mornings run. Be it the dust hugging either side of the freshly paved roads, or the old ancient rock of the temples… The views today were something from a film set,” he wrote on his Instagram.

Afterward, one particular feature of Templation was occupying his mind: “The pool is all that was on my mind as I headed home.” And it’s also where he spent his final day in Siem Reap, according to his posts. “ I have spent lots of today just sitting with my toes dipped in the pool, listening to the birds, insects and the breeze in the trees.”