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To mark International Women's Day, we've asked women in leading positions at Maads Hotels how they celebrate Women’s Day.

by Living Cambodia Team, 06 Mar. 2019

A special occasion to reflect on the development of women’s rights in Cambodia, celebrate the choices women now have, illustrate the quest for gender equality, or all the above? Read on to get better acquainted with the talented women of Maads Hotels!


General Manager, Penh House & Jungle Addition

“March 8 reminds me that a woman is capable to do anything that will make her life successful, and she has equal capabilities and human right as men.”

“I am really proud to be a woman. My professional position allows me to share my experience and love with my team, especially my female team. I can inspire and empower them to believe that a woman can do anything that she wants to achieve in her life.”

Involved in hotel management for nearly a decade (including at TeaHouse and Plantation in Phnom Penh), Davy now manages Penh House & Jungle Addition, contributing to its successful opening a few months ago.

CHENG Somonea

Operations Manager, Templation Angkor, Siem Reap

“To me, International Women’s Day stands as a marker for the strength of womanhood, a day in the year to reflect on all that women have changed, and will continue to change.”

“The part I enjoy most of being a woman in management is that I can be a role model to my female subordinates who are working their way up to the management level, and I can share my experience with them.”

Working for Templation since the opening of the resort in 2015, Somonea has spent more than a decade fulfilling various positions at several Maads Hotels properties.


General Manager, TeaHouse Asian Urban Hotel

“Frankly, the IWD is not a particular day for me. Every day should be Women's Day! Having a specific day seems to imply that we, women, are not able to stand for ourselves, or maybe are in danger (some really are...). But since I have a daughter, I think that we have to fight again and again for our rights.”

“I see myself as a manager, not a woman in management. That said, I believe I can develop a caring management while focusing on performance. Decisions must be taken with an open mind.”

Joining TeaHouse in 2018, Céline's previous experience in Cambodia includes Human Resources Manager at the Lycée Francais, Managing Director at Blue Pumpkin and General Manager at Amanjaya-Kwest.


General Manager, Blue Lime Citylife Hotel

“International Women's Day to me is all about women uniting as one, celebrating their achievements without doubting their self-worth. It's a chance to remind the world that every woman deserves to have choices.”

“More women are now able to pursue their dreams, choose to go out to work or choose to stay at home with their children. This day also is a way to honor the woman who stood by me and me stronger by her presence and strength -- my Mom!

“Being a woman in any position of leadership, one has to work harder and smarter. As a woman, my empathy helps me to anticipate guests' needs and also to get my team to perform better in a positive work environment. I am lucky to also have such a fantastic team of dedicated employees.”

Grace is Blue Lime General Manager since 2013.


Bar Supervisor Assistant, Pavilion

“International Women's Day on March 8 is an important day to show the brave history of women in the world.”

“I enjoy working as a supervisor assistant because I want to share my ideas with my coworkers and show them about women’s leadership.”

Dina has been the Bar Supervisor Assistant at Pavilion Heritage Oasis Hotel in Phnom Penh for six months but has been with the hotel for five years. Previously, she worked at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge on the Tatai River, Koh Kong province.

SOM Socheata

Housekeeping Supervisor, Kabiki

“International Women's Day means that women can provide for their family and protect them the same way as men. Moreover, women can be involved in the society as well as in their home, and can become good leaders the same as men.”

“I think women should be in management as they have strong abilities and committment. I really enjoy working as a supervisor, demonstrating that we, women, can help each other and share our experiences.”

Socheata has been the Head of Housekeeping Department at Kabiki Secret Gardens Hotel for six years.