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Join Airavata Elephant Foundation in a great reforestation campaign for International Arbor Day 2019!

by Living Cambodia Team, 02 Jun. 2019

On 6 July 2019, join the campaign to repopulate the edges of the dense Katieng Forest in Ratanakiri Province (Cambodia North-East) with vigorous saplings -- 2 and 3 meters high, 3-year old -- from more than ten different species of native trees.

Airavata Elephant Foundation, in collaboration with various private and institutional partners committed to environmental preservation and eco-tourism development in the area, is organizing this special celebration of International Arbor Day.

Roll up your sleeves and dig for a great cause, or let the Airavata team plant for you. All the young trees -- Beng, Ning Noun, Sokhrom, Cheuteal, Srolao, Kragnougn, Trak, Pdeak, Koki, Pchek, Thlong, Tabaigng, Maesa species -- planted on this occasion will be regularly tended to.



Day 1 - Friday, July 5 2019: Morning departure from Phnom Penh to Ratanakiri, short excursion to Lake Yalaom in late afternoon. Dinner at Terres Rouges Lodge or barbecue for those camping at the elephant site.

Day 2 - Saturday, July 6: Planting Day. Breakfast on site, departure to Katieng. Sowing Dance performed by the Tampun ethnic minority. Bokator performance. Medal presentation to personalities who helped the Foundation. Free medical consultation for the benefit of neighboring villages. Beginning of tree planting. Picnic lunch on site. Afternoon, more tree planting, short walk in the forest with the elephants, elephant bath in the river & offering of fruit rewards. Back in town for dinner at Terres Rouges lodge OR barbecue for the group of campers staying at the Elephant Camp.

Day 3 – Sunday, July 7: Breakfast on site, visit to the Banlung Market, transportation back to Phnom Penh.

Participation Levels

  1. 120 USD -- 2-night accommodation in a tent or hut at the Elephant Camp, 5 meals (2 dinners, 1 lunch, 2 breakfasts), 2-way transportation by bus or minivan, 1 tree + further sapling tending with donor's name.
  2. 150 USD -- 2-night accommodation in a Banlung Guesthouse, 5 meals (2 dinners, 1 lunch, 2 breakfasts), 2-way transportation by bus or VIP minivan, 2 trees + further sapling tending with donor's name.
  3. 1,000 USD -- 2-night accommodation at Terres Rouges Lodgein Banlung, 5 meals (2 dinners, 1 lunch, 2 breakfasts), 2-way transportation by bus or VIP minivan, 50 trees + further tending with donor's name.


  1. 20 USD -- 1 tree + further tending and sign bearing donor’s name
  2. 150 USD -- 10 trees + further tending and sign bearing donor’s name
  3. 500 USD -- 40 trees + further tending and sign bearing donor’s name
  4. 1,000 USD -- 100 trees + further tending and sign bearing donor’s name

If you cannot attend or do not wish to join the actual planting process, Airavata team will set the saplings into the ground for you. We will keep you informed with photos showing the trees bearing your name.

For bookings and inquiries, email here.

About Airavata Foundation

With 300 ha of community forest around Katieng traditional village, and about 60ha in farmland, Airavata offers a natural refuge for a small herd of elephants. Protecting and nurturing the environment is thus a vital priority for the gentle giants, in close interaction with local villagers and farmers.

Being completely in the wild represents constant threats for this endangered species. To quote Airavata President Chenda Clais, "when you look at what it means for elephants to be unprotected, especially in Cambodia with the poaching menace and the fast destruction of their natural habitat, you understand that responsible tourism might be the only sustainable way for them to exist and thrive."

Airavata is a new generation elephant camp implementing a responsible and ethical alternative to mass tourism, and guaranteeing natural conditions for travelers to meet elephants which are cared for by local, experencied mahouts.

In 2018, Chenda was recognized with the ASEAN Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs Award. Airavata Foundation is honored to be under the High Patronage of King Sihamoni of Cambodia, and works closely with the Cambodian Ministry of Environment.