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The Royal Ballet of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, January 2019

Public performances of Neang Watthana Devi, the newest choreography by Princess Norodom Buppha Devi.

by Living Cambodia Team, 28 Dec. 2018

Inspired by Auguste Rodin's drawings of Cambodian dancers during the Royal Ballet visit to France in 1906, and by the ancient Greek myth of Psyche, Neang Watthana Devi is a timeless evocation of the conflict between love and power, the newest creation of Ballet Director Princess Norodom Buppha Devi.

For the third consecutive year now, the Royal Ballet of Cambodia gives to the Phnom Penh public the opportunity of marveling at the immemorial art of Khmer classical dance, a tradition nourished and expanded by its dancers, choreographers, costume designers and musicians.

In 2019 again, our hotels are proud and honored to contribute to the success of this cultural event by entering prizes into the much-appreciated lucky draw held at the end of each performance.

The Venue

Dancers at The Rodin Museum

Event Poster

More informationhere.

Tickets can be purchased here. Please note that one of the three performances is for students only.

See Khmer Times coveragehere.

ការសម្តែងរបាំព្រះរាជទ្រព្យនេះ មានអត្ថន័យខ្លាំងក្លាបំផុតសម្រាប់សិល្បៈខ្មែរ។ នៅពេលនេះ សូមទស្សនាសម្តេចព្រះរាមបុប្ជាទេវី ទ្រង់បរិយាយអំពីព្រឹត្តិការណ៍សម្តែង ទស្សនីយភាព នាងវឌ្ឍនាទេវី ដូចតទៅ។

សូមកត់សំបុត្រឥឡូវនេះ ដើម្បីទស្សនាការសម្តែងដ៏កម្រនេះ។ សំបុត្រអាចរកបាននៅLast2Tickets ( និងនៅវិទ្យាស្ថានបារាំងនៅកម្ពុជា រៀងរាល់ថ្ងៃច័ន្ទដល់សុក្រចាប់ពីម៉ោង១ថ្ងៃត្រង់ដល់៧ល្ងាច ថ្ងៃសៅរ៍ពីម៉ោង៩ព្រឹកដល់២ថ្ងៃត្រង់ និង ម៉ោង៣រសៀលដល់ម៉ោង៧ល្ងាច។