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"It's just a drinking straw"...but these gazillions of plastic tubes add every day to the dismaying sea and river contamination. February 3 2018, we join the International Day to Ban the Plastic Pailles.

by Living Cambodia Team, 02 Feb. 2018

This one is a plague that went unnoticed for too long. Plastic drinking straws seem rather innocuous,and yet they contribute every day to the deadly building-up of non-recyclable refuse in oceans, rivers, lakes... 

Saturday 3 February, 2018, many hotels, restaurants and bars around Cambodia join the International Day of Awareness initiated by several organizations including Bas Les Pailles, Low Carbon City, Plastic Free Cambodia or The Last Straw.

Finding a harmless and practical alternative to plastic straws is an ongoing effort. At MAADS hotels and restaurants, we are already testing bamboo or paper (recyclable) or metal (washable) straws. And why not just going back to the good ole' "long drink" spirit, sipping your refreshing beverage directly from a nice cool glass?

(Main Photo Surfdome ActionSportsBlog)