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Rainy days, golden days

Wet season's coming early to Cambodia! The MAADS umbrella will help you go through the daily showers, and its golden and silver hues are doing wonders on a deep-green tropical background.

by Living Cambodia Team, 13 May. 2018

For bikers, it all starts with planning trips around the ភ្លៀងស្វាយ (phleing svay), the mango rains which, as their name makes it clear, happen when mangoes are ripe and begin to fall to the ground.

Then, these late-afternoon, sudden but usually brief showers give way to more unpredicable and insistent downpours. No more sprinkles but the real stuff, at any time of the day or night.

Beach lovers tend to see rainy season as a natural curse (how to perfect a tan under those grey skies?), yet there is something blissful about this period of the year, when Nature, people and animals get a respite from scorching heat and intense light.

The Cambodian countryside is at its best looking moment. For the urbanites, too, it feels great to stroll by the green areas. Provided the gutters aren't clogged with plastic refuse...and you have a nice, sturdy umbrella at hand.

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