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Elders of Cambodia

by Living Cambodia Team, 16 Oct. 2017

Deep in the forest beyond the famous waterfall, villages have long existed on the sacred mountains of Kulen, near Angkor Wat. Their elders are the keepers of cultural heritage, traditional medicinal knowledge, and survivors of a long and difficult history.

This exhibition is a project of Elders of Cambodia, an initiative seeking to increase Cambodians' awareness and appreciation for their elders' life histories and to promote intergenerational dialogue through the creative arts.

Elders of Cambodia's first exhibition brings together a social anthropologist, a photographer and a curator. We aim to share the spirit of the mountain people to a wider public through the lenses of emerging photographer Tram Lyrattanak and oral histories recorded by Dr. Lisa Arensen.

For Art's Sake Gallery, Kandal Village, Siem Reap, 18 Oct/ 21 Nov 2017